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In the course of the last few weeks two ANNO 1602 Add-ons have appeared on the market, and we're assuming that more are to come. Inasmuch as it is often assumed that SUNFLOWERS has something to do with these add-ons, we would like to take a moment to explain our position on this matter.

In the case of the add-ons "Pirate's Isle" and "A.D. - The Conquest Continues", these products are definitely not official SUNFLOWERS products, nor have they been authorised by SUNFLOWERS. SUNFLOWERS therefore has no control over the quality of these programs. We would like to reiterate this point as we've been contacted by many purchasers of these products, who were completely unsatisfied with the quality of these programs.

It's a matter of fact that an official add-on to ANNO 1602 called "New Islands, New Adventures" is available for the German version since Novemberī98. It comprises new scenarios, new islands, a scenario editor and other surprising features.