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The New 1503 A.D. Trailer
for Download


The latest trailer for the 1602 A.D. successor, 1503 A.D., is now available for download. Enjoy exceptional ingame clippings, beautiful excerpts from the video scenes and a gripping soundtrack for the trailer. We are offering the brand-new 1503 A.D. trailer for download in two sizes, 102 MB and 38 MB, for differently powerful PC's.

You can download and play the trailer, which is 102 MB in size and best quality, if your system fulfils the minimum requirements of a Pentium II 800 with 128 MB RAM. If your PC is lower than these requirements, we recommend the trailer that is 38 MB in size. The smaller trailer has all of the scenes the 102 MB one has, and it is the same viewing size. We made it smaller by merely scaling down the quality of display a bit. Both versions of the 1503 A.D. trailer do not require any special software; after download, you can start them by merely double-clicking on the files. To end the trailer at any time, press "Esc". Enjoy!

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