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1602 A.D. Multiplayer with DirectX 9.0 or higher

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Loading of multiplayer savegame not possible:

DirectX from Version 9.0 or higher prevents loading of multiplayer savegames.

The following steps are necessary to load a multiplayer savegame under DirectX 9.0 or higher (Attention: This applies only to 1602 a.d. and the Gold-Editions of ANNO1602. It does not work with ANNO 1602 Classic).

1. Locate the subfolder SAVEGAME in the 1602 a.d. directory on your harddrive.

2. Look for the newest file with the file-extension GAM and copy it to the subfolder SZENES (Please make sure, that this is the multiplayer savegame!)

3. Change the file extension from GAM to SZM and rename the file to e.g 'MySaveGame.szm’ This name can be anything you wish and it will be the name which is displayed ingame later on.

4. Give this file to everybody involved (e.g. via email), who need to copy it into the SZENES subfolder in their own 1602 a.d. directory.

5. Start your multiplayer session. After everybody has joined the group choose NEW GAME and look for the name you have given the former savegame and start the game.

6. Please make sure, that everybody chooses the same flag colour that had been used before saving.