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The support area offers help for questions concerning 1602 A.D.. It tries to provide solutions and answers regarding FAQs ("Frequently Asked Questions") and ingame strategies. If you need any further information or if there are still any unsolved problems, please contact our 1602 A.D. Hotline or send us an EMail.

Problems with DirectX 9.0

1602 A.D. Multiplayer with DirectX 9.0 or higher

Installing ANNO 1602 with Windows 2000

1602 A.D. with Windows 2000 and XP

Game hints

1602 A.D. Game hints

Frequently Asked Questions 1602 A.D. - The Ultimate FAQ´s
Frequently Asked Questions

1602 A.D. - Readme.txt

'1602 A.D.' Link exchange

1602 A.D. Link exchange

Contact and Hotline

Contact and Hotline

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